The “Stalking Horses”

An unprecedented piece of news saw recently the light through the Press: ”The Hellenic government recalled its Consul General in Korytsa back in Athens. Why? On the ground that Mr. Theodoros Oikonomou-Kamarinos had made some statements according to national practices in terms with the human rights and self-determination of N. Epirotan Greeks as well as with the Hellenic national origin of the Vlachs. The Consul General, referring to the census of population that is to take place in the neighboring country within the next few months which in turn regards the N. Epirotans, said the self-evident. That is people of Korytsa, by 80% Vlachophones, who according to Albanians do not live in a minority zone, courageously ought to declare who they really are: Hellenes .

However such a crystal clear stance by the Consul in Korytsa “annoyed” the Albanian regime as it obviously queers the pitch since, even from Hohxa’s time, all that Albanians recognize as minority zone is only the Deropolis area except Argyrokastro. Thus, if people of Koprytsa (Hellenes and Helleno-Vlachs) during census declare their Hellenic identity then it becomes evident that the number of N.Epirotans would amount to more than 58.000 people, according to Albanian sound sources.

However in this case, odd seems that Mr. Oikonomou-Kamarinos’ statements according to national practices have “annoyed” on the one hand our Embassy in Tirana that released that those were “the Consul General’s personal views” while on the other, the Hellenic government that recalled the Consul back to Athens. Of course the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially reported that the Consul was in Athens” on service’s purposes”.

Responding to relevant questions, Mr. Oikonomou addressed the government as follows: ”What is that I said more than what occasionally the Turkish Consul in Komotini says? While he is entitled to an unhampered express of opinion, I am being recalled back home. Why? ”As about the Greek Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Oikonomou said:” Aren’t these people out there Greeks enough to the Ambassador? Isn’t this land N. Epirus? So these are personal views? Why isn’t he speaking up? Every now and then the Hellenic flag is burned up underneath the Greek Embassy and he remains silent. Why?”

It is indeed too sad to realize that our governors turn into stalking-horses in the unrighteous and anti-hellenic plans of Albanians. Where is the “proud foreign policy” that is touted so often? If we keep on being “tuned” to our neighbors’ song we eventually will manage nothing more but to “service” the Albanian regime. However, it is about time that Hellas will practice a national, responsible and proud foreign policy also to the N. Epirus’ question avoiding being “stalking-horses” to Albanians at the expense of our N. Epirotan brothers.

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