OMONOIA statement



Aghioi Saranda, April 5, 1998

Ref. no: 70


The President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. K. Stefanopoulos
The Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic Mr. K. Simitis
The Chairman of the Parliament Mr. A. Kaklamanis
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Th. Pangalos
The Leader of Opposition Mr. K. Karamanlis

           Honorable Sirs,

The General Council, the supreme body of the socio-political organization ‘OMONOIA”, representing the Greek national minority’s interests in Albania, at a conference on April 5, 1998 in Aghioi Saranda, having responsibly discussed the issues concerning the Greek national minority (GNM) as well as the developments throughout the wider Balkan area unanimously:



The National Minorities are not a marginal element to the societies of the Balkans but instead a constructive part of theirs, contributing to these societies’ progress and prosperity.

In such terms it is highlighted the necessity of respecting the personality of the minorities’ human individual and democratic rights and any claims in the context of human rights in regard with minorities should stand within the framework of respect to them as provided by the International Organizations.

Concluding we are stressing out that any changes in today’s status quo concerning the minorities in the Balkans, based upon International Treaties, include also our own national Greek minority.  


On the General Council’s behalf


THE SECRETARY GENERAL       official                         THE CHAIRMAN

         (signature)                                  seal                                    (signature)

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