Nowadays, the one-party domination of communism no longer exists, but unfortunately, anti-Hellenism of the entire Albanian leadership has taken its place. The situation of Hellenism still remains tragic, Orthodoxy is not allowed to spread, Greek Education is being persecuted, schools are closing down while those still in operation are turned into Albanian schools, teachers are being threatened and persecuted so as not to teach the Greek language, OMONOIA os not allowed to participate in the national elections, Northern Epirots are being dismissed from their jobs, gangs and extra-governmental mechanisms steal, destroy, terrify, murder; the Albanian police kills old people in cold blood, chases after young children, pointedly arrests and imprisons young Greeks; immigrants from Kosovo are transferred and take the jobs, properties and houses of the Northern Epirots who temporarily live in Greece; the Albanian state uses all means in order to force the Greeks out of the Northern Epirus…

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