Ottoman Occupation

During the sable years of slavery, the Hellenism of Northern Epirus suffers: the Turks are trying to impose islamization by force. Those who are persuaded, become fanatic Muslims and anti-Greeks. Hundreds of New Martyrs emerge from Northern Epirus region, and the phenomenon of Secret Christians of Spatia, is really touching as well. The Hellenism of Northern Epirus is literally saved by the Bishop of Dryinoupolis, Mathaios, and the Bishop of Argyrokastro, Sofianos as well as by Nectarios Terpos. The presence and the contribution of St. Kosmas Aetolos prove to be catalytic. He travels around Epirus, and especially Northern Epirus, preaching the Word of Jesus Christ, building hundreds of schools, supporting people’s hope, keeping the fire for Liberty burning, speaking of the “desirable” – that is, liberty –of Northern Epirus as well; something the Turk-Albanians never forgave him for, and hung him in Kolikondasi of Northern Epirus (close to Fieri) on 24.08.1779.

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