The Student’s Coordination Committee for Northern Epirus’s Rights (S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α.)

S.C.C.N.E.R. (Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α.)


The Student’s Coordination Committee for Northern Epirus’s Rights (S.C.C.N.E.R.  – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α., pronounced as "sfeva") was founded in 1982 by young students and scientists with faith in orthodoxy and Greece. They were deeply moved by the tragedy of Northern Epirus’s Hellenism, and inspired by the struggle of the Metropolitan of the Holy Metropolis of Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa, the ever memorable Sevastianos, who roused Hellenism, at a time when the Northern Epirus’s issue was forgotten by Greeks, and when the younger generations ignored even the very existence of the suffering Northern Epirus.


The aim of this Committee is the promotion of the Northern Epirus’s issue in any possible way, the objective informing of the public and the assistance in several ways of the tormented Hellenism that has lived and flourished in the area of Northern Epirus for the last 3.000 years.


S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α., with sparse means, has been long organizing big demonstrations, widespread manifestations in big cities, protest marches, at the same time cooperating with International Human Rights Organizations, keeping the international community informed concerning the suppression of Hellenism, contributing as well to the release of detainees.


Currently, our Committee, always serving the same aim, has been action-oriented mainly towards those who have not abandoned the region of Northern Epirus, those who have stayed to “defend Thermopiles”. Pushing forward its informative action, S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α. organizes numerous human aid missions, supports substructure works, assists the building of temples, accommodates – ever since summer 1993 – children from Northern Epirus, boys and girls of 10-15 years of age, by organizing “Kosmas Aetolos” camps, while it supports both teachers and students of Northern Epirus by offering courses of the Greek language.


S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α.’s exclusive aims are both the stay of Northern Epirus’s inhabitants in their fatherland, and the tightening of the bonds between the Hellenic Metropolitan center and the Hellenism of Northern Epirus. It is specifically underlined that S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α. does not limit its contribution to the acknowledged Greek-speaking “minority regions” only, but it spreads its action up to Avlona, Tirana, Chimarra and Korytsa, to Albanian-speaking and Vlach-speaking populations, which are vulnerable to the propaganda of Skopje (Korytsa region).


Within the framework of such a versatile action, our Committee proceeded in numerous publications, many of which in cooperation with other institutions. Books, a series of brochures (in the Greek, German, and Albanian language), leaflets, calendars, cassettes (both audio and video), magazines, and other material, is the result of our publishing efforts, that we proudly present in this web site. The usefulness of these editions is indeed important, since they offer the public the opportunity to have access to the treasury of the everlasting history of Northern Epirus’s Hellenism, as well as to keep up with the current developments in the Balkan region.


S.C.C.N.E.R. – Σ.Φ.Ε.Β.Α.

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