Imia - 1996

It has been fifteen years since that black-letter day of our national setback in Imia that still is casting its gloomy shadow on Aegean Sea’s waters and skies.

On such a grievous anniversary of national musing there is no space left for critique on that period’s political and military maneuvers in operational level

Yet we would like to review on two irrefutable actual events:

1)      Our Navy staff’s sacrifice. It was that crisis in Imia in which some “counter productive” Armed Forces’ officers - according to certain higher-ups’ unprecedented reasoning- sacrificed their lives for our motherland, during a “routine” assignment such as defending national territory.

2)      In our subsequent bilateral relations with Turkey, a vocabulary of homage was introduced bringing forth the distressing expression “grey areas” that bluntly offends our national sovereignty and brings shame upon our national dignity ever since.

However Greek people are aware, reckon and assess actions…

The S.C.C.N.E.R. and P.A.N.E.R. like all Greek patriots reverentially honor the heroes of Imia and address a warm national hail of solidarity and due respect to our Armed Forces’ Staff who in vigorous morale perform their sacred task.

“Gray areas” have no place in our Aegean Sea which has been, is and will

remain Greek!

As a lot of rumors are recently uttered we would wish to pinpoint what is self-evident: Our national resources are not to be relinquished, our history and sacrifice of Greek people are not to be traded up with a joint venture!


SFEVA, 01/26/2001