Greek government recalling its Consul General in Korytsa

According to soundly valid information, the Greek government is to recall our Consul General in Korytsa, Theodoros Oikonomou-Kamarinos He’s “charged” with some statements in accordance with national practices with reference to human rights and ethnic self-detrminattion of our N. Epirotan brothers.

The Greek Consul put some evident historical realities forth, being a discomfort apart from the Albanian government to its Greek counterpart as well.

We in turn are addressing a question to those pertinent to the issue:

What is their disagreement onto whatever our Consul expressed? 

Are not the people of Korytsa Greeks?

Would the N. Epirontans not be entitled in self-determining themselves ethnically in the forthcoming census on population? 

Is perhaps the Vlachs’ Greek national origin in doubt? 

The above questions could be replied only by the bloody path that the N. Epirus’ Hellenism has treaded through the years without having to pass through the deforming filter of a yielding policy.

As SFEVA,  (The Student’s Coordination Committee for Northern Epirus’s Rights -S.C.C.N.R.R.) as well as P.A.N.E.R,. are addressing a warm national hail to Theodoros Oikonomou. To our opinion it is about time that at last the Greek government would assesss its commitments to the N. Epirus’ Hellenism. 

SFEVA’s Central Steering Committee

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