97th Anniversary of the Autonomy in N. Epirus

On February 17 1914 was the day that Autonomy was declared in N.Epirus, signaling the bloody historical tack of that much afflicted Hellenic land. 

The victorious armed struggle of the N. Epirotans crowned by the Autonomy in the region and corroborated by the Protocol of Corfu(February 17, 1914), a legal document co-accepted and co-signed by Albania which however never observed any of its provisions.

The interim hundred years since, despite the dramatic geopolitical changes and the N. Epirotans’ blood shed in the name of Freedom have not vindicated the longing of the champions for Autonomy.

Today, within the fluid geostrategic environment in the Balkans and the S.E. Europe and given the Albanian shoot at completely annihilating it, Hellenism of N. Epirus is on a quest about Unity, Vision and Prospect.

The imminent Census is going to be a historic opportunity for all to enlist together in order to continue holding onto their patrimonial seat.

The champions for Autonomy offered their lives as Greeks! It is their descendants’ duty to get registered as Greeks!


SFEVA’s Central Steering Committee