Population census in Albania-Time for commitment

Scheduled for this coming April, census on population and estate in Albania is unambiguously a key point to the further course of our national question.

It is going to be the first time that a census, within the framework of Albania’s commitments pertinent to the E.U and the adjunct standards at least in theory set by the latter, will be conducted in our neighboring country.

Making out the printed material in question is a significant matter in terms of recording points of Greek interest such as national descent and religious faith. The relevant questionnaire is expected to be approbated around the end of February, without having clarified so far whether nationality and faith would be explicit or optional recording.

Irrespective of the final form of the questionnaire, there is no doubt that a historical chance for our N. Epirotan brothers is for the first time provided so that they get registered as Greek Orthodox population.

Thus the scheduled census is fundamental on whether our brothers’ national will is given a shot at having Hellenic population dynamics recorded in N.Epirus and throughout Albania. Such an objective would be achieved as much by the massiveness of participation as by the staidness of the coordinate Greek state with reference to safeguarding the right for Greeks to get registered within the scope of security and of irreproachable procedures.

Census therefore is a national opportunity for a new prospect regarding the N. Epirus Question. We would strongly suggest that this coming chance get counted out of the line of opportunities lost in the past.

SFEVA 02/10/2011