Cyprus 1950- Referendum on unification

Cyprus 1950- Referendum on unification

During January 15-22, 1960, Hellenism in Cyprus, under the churches’ domes and in a hallowed mystagogue’s atmosphere during a referendum wholeheartedly claimed by their vote Unification with motherland Greece.

It was a claim undersigned later on by shedding their blood between 1955-59, responding to the cynical “NEVER” of Hopkinson, under-Secretary for Colonies, , with a Greek manly “NOW”

It was that time when Greek Cypriots came to realization of what they had lost, what they still held, what they deserved to have and most of all how to achieve it by deriving strength and aspiration from their deep national and religious consciousness.

It was the time of the visionaries and of inflaming the hearts, the ideals as well as of the firm orientation to Greece.

The referendum’s outcome was anticipated. The Greek population of the island in total –with the exception of an insignificant minority of public servants whom the government had forced to abstain- voted in favor of the Unification with Greece. 215.108 Greek Cypriots entitled to vote manifested their longing for unification with national euphoria as well as with political maturity.

The referendum on Unification of 1950 being the highest expression of their national self-awareness and a conscious political act of Hellenism in Cyprus resulted in total moral victory of the Greek Cypriots against colonialism. However, apart from its sublime moral content, the Referendum as much as the subsequent EOKA’s armed liberation struggle did not lead our dearest Cyprus to accomplish its national vision.

Of course, about that should by no means responsible be held the thousands of Greek Cypriots who fought to death over mountains, caves and underground holes. Instead of the much desired Unification they primarily experienced a freaky independence and later on the national setback in 1974, a tragic consequence that is still going on.

Sixty-one years since the national upheaval of “We claim Unification with Greece” and thirty-seven years since the atrocious Turkish invasion, Hellenism in Cyprus is striving for national survival and to remain on their patrimonial seats.

The S.C.C.N.E.R. (Students’ Coordination Committee for Northern Epirus’ Rights) and the P.A.N.E.R (Pan-Hellenic Association for Northern Epirus’ Rights) that fight to safeguard human rights for our brothers in Northern Epirus are enlisted together in this struggle and are sending a warm national hail to the defenders of the Hellenic southernmost borderland

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