May 17, 1914: Protocol of Corfu-Autonomy to N.Epirus

Nothing is gained without struggle neither does Freedom without blood!

This crystal clear message is that we derive from May 17, 1914, a date on which the malcontended N. Epirotan Hellenism with the blood of their heart and the subsequent signing of the Protocol of Corfu earned Autonomy

That message coming from the free struggling N. Epirotans, from those Hellenes in that heroic era, today is dramatically up to date as ever before.

The struggle for national survival is a one way-path to the N. Epirotan Hellenism. Unity and common inward comprehension represent the substantial prerequisite.

In this struggle we, as SFEVA and PASYVA, are standing

-By the plain and anonymous N. Epirotan Hellenes who are holding up and are struggling in the patrimonial land

-By the N.Epirotans who return back and create

-On the same bastion along with the new generation of N. Epirotans who breathe in and think of Hellas 

The N. Epirus Question is a substantial National Issue.

The N. Epirus Question will never cross the threshold of national oblivion.

The struggle goes on selflessly and unabatedly on the footsteps of our unforgettable leader, Metropolitan Sevastianos.


Allegiance to Victory!

SFEVA’s Steering Central Committee