The Aegean Sea belongs to Hellenes

If anybody short time ago spoke up about exploiting the mineral resources in our country would be most likely considered as hilariously funny or na¨ve by their fellow-country people and certainly not by chance. Through the time Greek governments of either side have been striving to suppress any speech about large oil deposits existing especially in the Aegean.

However recently things have changed and almost everybody (politicians, media, journalists etc) very frequently are referring to this issue. This change was resulted in by basically two reasons: 1) the financial deadlock which Greek governments and Troika lead Hellas to and 2) the effective research on Cyprus’ territorial continental shelf rendering the island an ally-to-be in great request by most major states worldwide (Russia, Israel and Germany).

The main reason why Greek political leadership has not acted in the Aegean similarly to its Cypriot counterpart is primarily the lack of nerve and determination as they suffer a phobic syndrome that perhaps our “friends” in Ankara counteract to such a determination as they also would hanker to play an active role in the Aegean’s exploitation. Within this framework, fifteen years ago, in January 1996 the Turkish state, not willing to ever change, decided to “create” a hot incident in Imia islet.

A hot incident that resulted in the loss of 3 brave Hellenes, pointing them out as heroes in the Hellenic history contrary to the political leaders at that period permanently stained as those who hanging their head at the most crucial spot of the battle did eventually “flee away”.

No much later the negative results of the government’s mismanagement and submissiveness showed up. Turkish craving started growing and provocations at Hellas’ expense in air and sea have increased ever since. Resuming Mr. Simitis’ task the Prime Minister today is trying to build an alliance with Erdogan that is at least unreasonable at this particular time. Turkey due to its stance vis-à-vis Israel is losing its allies who coalesce with Cyprus instead. e.g. Israel, Germany. 

Mr. Prime Minister, it is about time that you got responsible and strictly determined at those who wish to develop vital interests in an area liberated by numerous sacrifices and bloodshed. The three air force officers who were killed over Imia are showing us the way. While some politicians from their warm offices suggested that our flag be struck, so that the issue would have been resolved “peacefully”, those young officers defied the adverse weather conditions and passed onto immortality abiding by their vows. Mr. Papandreou, the Aegean belongs to Hellas and the Hellenes and certainly not to its fish.