Religious buildings are still being vandalized.

People in our communities are concerned about the ferocity and vandalism displayed by gangsters and bandits against the formers’ homes, leaving undesecrated not even churches or other religious establishments. Concerned is also the Holy See of Argyrokastro but also the entire Orthodox Churcvh of Albania, according to whose information desecration of holy establishments has lately come to a climax.

This is the tenth time St. Barbara’s Church in Alyko was desecrated. Nearly everything was robbed by the Holy Church but the chandelier was the only thing still in place. . However the vandals managed to have it also removed. They broke into the church and using ladders, hack-saws and other means took the large chandelier down as well as two other bronze candlesticks that were all laden in a truck and disappeared.

At St. Andrew’s church in Rachoula the Hoy Gospel Book along with sacred vessels were robbed. Also from St. Basil’ church the sum of money raised during Easter Season was looted.

Those bandits keeping such momentum up in concert with the negligenge displayed by the police authorities soon will have nothing left in place.

Mayday has been transmitted since long ago. Who will ever read it?

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