The Aristotelis Goummas’ assassination case

The Aristotelis Goummas’ assassination case

Approximately six months have passed since the assassination of Aristotelis Goumas, our brother from Chimara and the ethnic motives of such an assassination having being acknowledged between the lines but explicitly even by Sali Berisha, the Albanian Prime Minister.

As it is understood, perpetrators, involved directly and indirectly as much as part of the Albanian press, shot their bolt so that a heinous premeditated homicide would be referred as random car accident.

The same distorting policy is certain to be practiced during penal perusal of the case the development of which no news has seen publicity since very long time.

However whichever sleight may be attempted, it is not possible to feign the strong anti-Hellenic temperament displayed in the region of N. Epirus, specifically in the area of Chimara and by far fostered and incited by central authority. The assassination of Aristotelis was not the ending of a personal dispute but the emanation of such an aforementioned temperament.

At last it should be realized that Greece holds unalienable and historical commitments towards N.Epirus’ Hellenism whose human rights Greece should stand up for in all places and time.

Consequently it should be of peremptory responsibility to the Greek diplomatic authorities that they have their eye on the criminal proceeding at every stage to the judgement on the case, based upon compound actual facts.

The path to the E.U. for Albania needs to meet major chapters of the acquis communautaire, the chapter “human rights for the N. Epirus’ Hellenism” still remaining dramatically and impermissibly pending.

Officials in charge of that issue in the Foreign Ministry should rather be aware of it. The long standing display of generosity to Albania has at last to reciprocate a commensurate advantage.

In the case at issue the reciprocal national advantage would be human rights fully safeguarded for our brothers. Nothing less!

SFEVA, 01/19/2011

The Aristotelis Goummas’ assassination case

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