Aristotelis Goumas: “Sentenced to death twice”!

Our brother Aristotelis,

Certainly you must have heard the news from up ther! The news is that your death was a “car accident”. And of course you were at fault!

It is “true” that you “liked” fast speed. In the roads of your beloved Chimara, every time you noticed a street sign in Greek –in case the regime had left any intact, you “sped up”! Eventually, our brother you proved to have been quite a “reckless” driver!  Here’s what happened: a “car accident”.

It was who was died and the vehicle of the “insouciant” Albanians heeding at you “unfortunately” suffered ‘serious” damages.

Somewhat this way, our brother, according to press publications your heroic death was presented by the “fact finders commission” who attempted vainly to assassin you for a second time.

It was the first sign of an “independent” and “unbiased” legal investigation that nine months later your death has not deliberately led to any result.

An investigation conducted by people acting just in obscurity implementing their bosses’ unadmitted orders with the view not to reveal the truth but instead to cover the perpetrators up! So what even if the reason of your assassination is more than obvious: your Hellenic national origin and your firmness to speak Greek!!   

What about the official Hellenic state? But of course, it has been watching the developments in “self-possession”. In the same one in which for the last two decades it has been taking “fatefully and spinelessly” all sorts of Albanian provocations while watching a hearty part of Hellenism to shrink and reach the line of its national endurance.

Our brother Aristotelis, in mid-August last year they killed you but not the ideal you defended with your own blood.

You as genuine Greek and especially Aristotelis you preached “living well” as well as “dying properly”

Therefore you rest in peace, our brother!

The era of the new Alexanders is upon us!

SFEVA 04/18/2011

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