Political crisis in Albania and Hellenism in N. Epirus

The culminating political crisis in Albania of which the magnitude or the outcome could not have been preconceived, is certainly an internal affair of the country.

Such a crisis however is unequivocally of essential interest to Greece to the extent it regards primarily to the safety of Hellenism in N. Epirus.

Presently it is necessary that all legal diplomatic initiatives would be undertaken on Greece’s part so that our brothers’ life and possessions be safeguarded.

By the aforementioned, the embedding of the safety sentiment in N. Epirotans’ soul it would discourage possible actions such as an attempt that the Greek national minority be offended by certain circles taking advantage of the status of liquidity in the country, as it is soundly estimated

Moreover the tragic event of last August in Chimara is still very fresh. Let it bring ourselves to reason!

SFEVA’s Central Steering Committee, 01/22/2011